Beautiful Rendition:

​​                Customized  spray     paint  creations

Proceeds go to fund other creative projects and boost the local economy

here in Humboldt County. Several paintings are donated to local charities

and fundraising auctions throughout the year.

Roxanne Darby


Since: 2010

As a new mom, I find inspiration in the sleepless nights and caffeine-fueled energy rushes. 

My Story

​My style is considered to be a mix of "street-art" meets "fine art."


    ​I fell in love with using Spray Paint as a true art medium when I was in middle school after watching a Spray Painter come to our class. A few years later, the beautiful art form stuck in my mind until I tried it for my self.I have had no professional training. I am a self-taught spray paint artist and am in constant pursuit of improvement.
     I am deeply immersed in spray paint art at the moment although my artistic preferences are very eclectic. I also enjoy traditional painting, jewelry making, clay creations, sculpting, wire wrapping, and a variety of multi-media pieces. I love all forms and styles of art and I am always striving to incorporate new ideas into my work. 
    A majority of my paintings are created in the heart of the Redwood Forests of Northern California, although my roots stretch far across the country and deep into the red, Georgia clay.